1. (1)  Survey the archipelago for foraging and nesting populations of sea turtles

  1. (2)  Establish long-term demographic studies of sea turtles

(3) Use a variety of tagging and molecular techniques to answer the questions: where do turtles in The Bahamas come from, how long do they stay, and where do they go when they leave The Bahamas?

Mission of the ACCSR Program in The Bahamas

Sea turtle research is conducted in cooperation with the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research at the University of Florida.

Karen Bjorndal is the Director and Alan Bolten the Assistant Director. Stephen and Barbara are included on the ACCSR’s research permit issued by the Bahamas Department of Marine Resources.

We make GPS track surveys of turtle feeding habitats throughout the Bahamas to assess populations. Repeated surveys help us establish long-term demographic data.

Survey tracks of Robin Creek

and Joe Sound Creek

(chart used with permission of Lewis Offshore Ltd)